Back in the ‘70s a new tool sprang up from the counter culture’s widespread use of marijuana. 

The “roach clip”.

Of course, a “roach” is the little piece of a joint or doobie too small to hold with your fingers. People began using surgical forceps, paper clips, pincers, just about anything that would hold the little thing without getting your fingers burned.

However, walking around with forceps or something  recognizable as “drug paraphernalia” was a sure way to get in trouble with the po-lice, teachers, or your parents and so ingenuity took over.

The “alligator clips” used to make an electrical connection became popular and soon were being used for that purpose. To disguise them, they were also incorporated into the leather necklaces that were so popular then. This may have been the first multi-tool many of us from the ’70s used.

While we at Stinkweed Surf Co. would never condone drug use and would be shocked (Shocked I say!) to find out our products were being used in a way the law doesn’t permit, we do want to maintain an authentic retro vibe on our products and so we searched far and wide to get the right size and shape of electrical clips to represent what the “roach clips” looked like back then.

In addition, the roach clip fastener is strong, just so darn easy to use, and doesn’t’t get tangled in or pull your hair when wet.

Other companies use either a clasp or a sliding knot system (we’re sure paying poor children in foreign countries pennies a day to tie the little knots) but we at Stinkweed hold ourselves to a higher standard and on our retro, leather thing necklaces only the finest roach clips will be used.

Plus, we make the necklaces ourselves and just can’t figure out the whole sliding knot thing.