This is a vintage shark’s tooth necklace mid ‘70s. This actually belongs to one of the founders of Stinkweed who gave us permission to use the following story about the necklace.

In 1975, the movie "Jawsexploded onto the scene prompting an interest in all things sharky. One of these was Shark’s Teeth Necklaces, which are still popular today.

I was in junior high school when a friend of my mom’s, who knew  I lived and breathed surfing and the beach, gave me a shark’s tooth necklace consisting of this tooth on a thin gold chain. The surfer’s legend was that the necklace was supposed to protect you from being bitten by a shark.

The chain soon broke, if I remember right it was when I was taking off a t-shirt, and so I made this necklace using wooden beads, a leather thong and a “roach clip” to clasp it shut. You can read more about roach clips in this article.

From the time I got the first necklace until after I got married I never went into the saltwater without this tooth on a necklace and I never got bitten so the legend must be true, right?

When we were looking for our first item of jewelry I immediately thought of my old necklace and, lo and behold, my wife had saved it in her jewelry box all these years.

For those of you who love the 70s look, or the old timers who think the movie "Dazed & Confusedwas a documentary, we offer the Stinkweed version of my old necklace, complete with roach clip closure. Of course, we’re not advocating drug use, and we’re sure the clip will just be used to hold the necklace together.

Wear it and be stylish and safe.

With each purchase of a retro shark’s tooth necklace from StinkweedSurfCo. a donation will be made to, a group dedicated to shark conservation.