We’ve been making a special kind of shark’s tooth necklace since the early ’70s (see this link for more info) and we are very selective not only about the type of materials we use, but how they are constructed as well. 

We buy the shark’s teeth in various sizes to match the person and what looks right on them. They range in size from small to medium with even larger ones being available for special order. We have been assured by our provider that these teeth are taken from sharks harvested using humane and sustainable methods and where as many parts are used as possible.

Each of these carefully selected teeth are hand drilled using a Dremel and bit and then the loop through the tooth is put on by hand. Most companies now use a wire wrapping to attach the tooth and we have some of those in stock for someone wanting a speciifc look necklace but everyone here at Stinkweed prefers the retro vibe of the ones hand drilled and attached using a ring, 

Next, we prefer to use as many organic materials as possible. We assume the jewelry we sell will be worn at the beach and in the pool and so we use slightly thicker (and softer) leather cords/thongs for both strength and comfort. We’re looking into an alternative to leather thongs (in honor of our animal loving compatriots) but right now we just haven’t found anything that works the same.

We also have several necklaces made with natural hemp cordage, a material both environmentally friendly and pleasing to wear.

We try and match our bead work to the size of the necklace and a color pattern we think someone will like. We prefer wooden beads in muted tones because we think it looks better and more natural against tanned skin but occasionally we’ll use other materials and other colors for a splash of excitement and something just a little bit different.

Finally, most of our necklaces (particularly the ones with leather thongs) use the tried and true “roach clip” for a closure. You can read the story of the roach clip here.  The founder of the company has a necklace he got in the 70s and wore every day for a long time and the roach clip still works like a charm.

Finally, what makes our necklaces special is that all of them on the website or the special orders are hand made by our family or a small family run business in Hawaii. We only make and sell things we are proud of and we do not mass produce.

If you want something different for a necklace, email and let us know what you are looking for and we’ll do our best to do a custom design. The price will vary depending on how hard it is to get the materials and the time it takes but it will still be a value and still be lovingly crafted by us.

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